1. Nathan Taylor says

    I have had a fair bit of money stuck in Binance for over a year now. I contact them and I either get a generic response or emails which don’t make sense. Very frustrating. I’m now wondering whether it is deliberately complicated after all having millions in an account means you can loan and make a lot of money from the interest.

  2. Michael Fye says

    Well I’ve been locked out due to 2fa since Monday 6/17/2019. There face recognition doesn’t work been doing that for 2 days now still no luck.cant talk to a human. Totally not happy with bianace.

  3. Max Steinman says

    A meaningless comparison since Binance flat out steals crypto from account holders by simply preventing them from logging on. No security issue neccessary. The system generates no explanation and they have no customer support. Once the platform locks you out it’s over. And they KEEP YOUR CYPTO. It happened to me and it can happen to you so…BEWARE.

  4. michael egan says

    If USDT has been transferred to the wrong address, how will it be returned? , please help me. Fraud has happened with me, USDT has been transferred from my binance app wallet to any wrong address please help me.

  5. dsds says

    How do i reactivate binance my account

    My binance account was disabled few days ago now. And someone loggin into my account and enabled the Google authenticator code which i don’t have access to now..

    I’ve been trying to reset and login but keep telling me i should contact Support. Please i need help

  6. Mike Egan says

    Move old binance account to US

    I had an Acct at the original Binance. I need to move it to Binance US. I can’t log in bc of my expired 2 factor Authorization will not work anymore. I can’t get help bc I’m a US citizen. Please help

  7. Verlanda Wright says

    Hard to contact Binance custom service
    I have been trying to withdraw but Binance is not sending the two deposits to my check account so I can complete the confirmation process. It has been more than 3 weeks since I started the process . I also sent a request for Support to help me complete the confirmation process and didnt receive a response from them

  8. Brian Tex O'Hara says

    Help with issues to Funding my account… I can not make debit transactions from my bank account to my Binance so I can’t buy cryptocurrency or stable coins with my debit cards.

  9. Darrin Barwig says

    I can’t access my Binance account due to change in my phone number. Now i can’t login my binance account because code sent on my old Phone number, how to contact phone number for my issue. I have 6000$ in my binance wallet. Please help me

  10. Missy Rogers says

    binance Reset google authenticator

    Hi SIr My Mobile Is missing . so My binance account not open for google authenticator. so please remove google authenticator.

  11. Mary Deborah Andre says

    Deposit has not arrived

    There was a company named Australiausdt and they have given back my money 4048 at deposit address of Binance yesterday but deposit hasnt arrived yet.The txid isc7016e80cca2de592d80e14a330da74b7aaa5627e496b3740ed62ed0c37a846 And the withdrawal address is TE9WUHSXmJGhAn1rMgwgRxTBYsNjvbFjaM

  12. Marina Correa says

    Did not get verified binance account yet

    They take forever. None verified my binance account. I sent my documents. How long it take to verify account abd let me start in binance Us This is a terrible experience. I typed many emails. All i got they are busy and somone will check it How long should I wait . Is there anyone to check them This is weeks so far

  13. Lily Burelli says

    My $150,000 wire transfer stuck at signature bank of Newyork – binance account

    I made a wire transfer for 150,000 USD as per the instructions from Binance through my bank. The money was debuted at my BANK the same day, and when i called my bank, I was told that the money was credited the very next day to the Binance account. But the Binance exchange doesnt shoe the credit. When i tried to reach Binance, there was no phone number to call. The only way to contact was through their web support channel. After so many messages, i received a response after two days stating that the wire transfer funds have not arrived and they asked me to send them a trace request summary from my bank. My bank states that it can only do a reversal of wire request and there is no trace option available. Im in a sick situation.

  14. Kristina Kelly says

    Really angry and frustrated with Binance

    My crypto Withdrawal was suspended from Binance.us for some technical reasons on their side. After multiple emails and a tweet they finally responded. Their support team noted work was in progress and was being completed soon. This was on November 23rd. Today is Dec 6th and withdrawal still suspended blocking investors from access to their money not only for withdrawal but even trading. I just want to move my crypto out. Cant wait to close my account with Binance. If not addressed immediately, There will be legal action for losses since crypto is dropping and we cant do anything about it. Terrible service!

  15. connor stewart says

    How to Contact Binance support for fix this issue

    I have opened an account with my old address. When I sent my drivers license, social security number and water and electricity bill with my new address, Binance would not verify it. Since then, they e reset my account but it will not allow me to register with my new address. It keeps saying theres an issue and to retry. Ive done so many times already and sent in proof of address numerous time and no one can help me. In the meantime I cant even withdraw the money I have sitting in my account. This is unacceptable. How can I get my money out now ?

  16. joshua evans says

    Unlock binance Account

    When I login it take me the match puzzle then it takes me to an authorization for a code and I am not getting a code for me to login. Can someone help me out? It has been a week now.

  17. Miguel Glez says

    Cannot login unable to since pamdimic

    Cannot access my binance.us account where is my money? Have not been able to access account sent since Binance.US had some type of problem months ago

  18. Russell Thomas says

    Not being able to get ahold of binance Support to update my phone number for 2FA

    I emailed the Binance Support team about this issue weeks ago. Haven’t heard from them since. All of my crypto assets I was going to use to start up my Cryptoblade account have been frozen in my account as a result… not very happy at all. Terrible experience.

  19. Joseph Harrington says

    binance.us Unable to verify ID & Face Verification

    I MUST have done face IDENTIFY over time I have emailed you guys over and over again I need help with my face IDENTIFY I had my identity stolen from me recently I would need help with this situation please I need 2 get this done asap please best time 4 you 2 get a hold of me is around 3 pm florida time please I really need your help asap thank you

  20. toshikaba says

    Binance won’t verify my account

    Binance US – Binance won’t verify my account
    My binance account has hacked. It’s urgent to recover my genuine account. I unable to access my account. My email ID is toshi*******@gmail.com My registered number is +918794******. Thank you

  21. Anita Finnegan says

    binance Address verification Support

    I just moved and my binance account verification is having issues because I’m new to this address please allow me to continue my verification without having to wait until consumer reports and addresses and so on I assure you I just want to get on the market I am new I’ve been studying the market and I really am eager to make some trades thank you have a blessed day

  22. Ollie Mulvey says

    binance.us Missing coin

    I send my solana coin Coinbase to Binance us december 15 I send you guys mail 3 time but no any body resolved my problem. I have a proof every thing you guys received the coin but still not show on my account I hope so you guys give me back my coin.

  23. Anne Kilduff says

    No Was informed I had 6 days to withdraw my tokens from Binance.com to my own wallet as I am from the US. Well, my withdraw was denied and they wanted to do face recognition verification. I went through *** to get pass the basic verification which did not even list out USA as a country but I passed! Then you had to submit passport and selfie which I did and they said it was successful but denied my transfer of the coins! And you cannot get any service whatsoever. Such a bad Conpany!

  24. Geraldine Carberry says

    how to Reset Binance account Password
    I’ve been trying to reset my Binance account password because I’ve not been able to login since yesterday but you people are not sending verification code. I need this solved as soon as possible please

  25. Darren Mulledy says

    Binance us can’t verify only address although I have lived here since August 2017 my SSI comes to this address my driver’s license has this address on it the water bill and electric Bill’s in my name and gas bill are all for this address as is my wifi w atandt and my bank acount so idk why robinhood webull trustwallet and coinbase have no problem verifying my address what do I have to do to get this address verified thru binanceus. I really would like to be able to use this site. Thank in advance for your concern and cooperation in this most urgent and pressing mattermatter MOST URGENT

  26. Maureen Kearney Griffin says

    My Binance account got disabled and I need to reactivate it because I need my money, I have all my life savings on it

  27. Frank Riggs says

    Binance Verification denied because a twin

    Hi , there is a problem with my binance account because i can’t complete the verification because they say me that i already have an account and that’s not true. The problem is that i have a twin with an account. I would like to know what should i do.

  28. paul helman says

    Binance ask me to verify my account and when I did I didn’t found my money there

    Hello Im still having the same problem nothing changed And I would love to have a phone number to Binance to talk to someone can fix my problem please, One time they ask me to verify my account and I did register with my email address and my driver license and maybe with wrong pin but I did fix it and Eventually my money in account is $0.00 I just start with Binance with $600 Canadian And money is disappear So this is not a good sign for someone just start like me

  29. Tom Hanks says

    I sent crypto bep20 to Erc20

    I sent $60 to Coinbase using bep20 and lost it, I want a recovery for my money. I did contact Coinbase, they told me to contact binance. now how to contact binance customer servic

  30. Jessica Hurley says

    Identity approval

    I am trying to contact Binance to confirm my identity since they have given me 10 days to wait for its confirmation, but I cannot reach them over the phone or via email. I expected that such identity verification would be much faster since everything else on their website happens almost instantaneously. So very disappointed to wait 10 days for simple identity verification. Also, very poor Support since you are not able to reach them via phone or email.

  31. Chandra yonjan says

    To reset my binance password

    Dear team!! I have an verified account but I could not login because of password forgotten.i try to reset my self but they system is asking two verification code which is mail and phone ,issues is I have changed my mobile number to new so that I m not able to get code through . Please assist to me to reset my password. Thank you! Best regards ChandraYonjan

    (929) 228-3440
    (813) 404-0808
    (657) 628-6332

  32. Tricia Doherty says

    I am not able to log in my binance account

    Still I am seeing issue. Provided my user name & password and after that it is not allowing me to enter into Binance and showing below error. Service suspended for restricted countries. We recognized that you are trying to access binance from US IP address, please note that for our terms of use, we are unable to serve any users from an US IP. For withdrawal only support please contact our customer support. Please let me know the process to withdrawal the amount?

  33. Samuel Young says

    binance – My $400,000 wire transfer has not been credited to my account for two weeks!

    I did two wires, $400,000 each, on the November 17th and 19th separately. The one sent on 17th was credited to my account at Binance.us, but the second one was never credited to my account up to date (December 2nd)! The only way to contact Binance.us is to open a ticket online which I did (#177**** & #197****) but nobody actually working on this, because every time I sent/replay email, I got an automatic reply “Your ticket has been updated.” All the phone numbers listed are not working! Samuel Young

  34. Ellen Ward says

    To unlock my binance account

    I have contacted Binance about the same issue to unlock my account so I can use it. Up to this date December 2, 2021 I have ot received any correspondence from Binance on how to unlock my account. The only correspondence that I have received is in an email after I submitted a new request. The email basically states that my requests will be answered according to where I am in queue. How does anyone know where they are in queue? No one. I am extremely frustrated like so many others. I am frustrated that there isn’t any verbal communication with Binance. That should throw up a red flag for us all.

    I got some binance Support number but not working for me

    Binance Phone Numbers:
    (929) 228-3440
    (813) 404-0808
    (657) 628-6332

  35. Anthony Spillane says

    Binance account stolen

    I lost my Binance.us account it was done by somebody and I have lended my account to him pls give back my account i am sorry I violated rules

  36. Eileen Barron says

    Binance account Password recovery (reset)

    I have forgotten my Binance account password but when I go for password recovery it shows “our system is busy” or “you are no longer authorize for this option”

  37. Kathleen O Connor says

    binance account hacked and change the Login cordination

    someone from usa hacked my Binance account and change the Login coordination ..plese deactived my account..as soon as possible

  38. Tom Horrigan says

    Binance – Wrong withdrawal

    i am withdrew from my USDT to Binance Smart coin but the money isn’t deposited. I am new in Binance. Please reverse my transaction.

  39. Andrea Korsos-Pari says

    Binance pending transfer amount

    Dear Binance Support, I am writting to you regarding N 343N231T56 transaction which is pending from 2 days. I have made all necessary requirement yesterday, based on several emails which I received from support@binance-online.com. So far, I didn’t receive the amount to my binance account. Transaction ID : 825f8579d33e34bf58d2d3e6770****b1c969f134a145f0fae47b12783dc1131 My User ID: 36851**** Could you please give me feedback about the status of the transaction? When can I receive that amount to my Binance account? Thank you very much for your response. Andrea Korsos-Pari +36354975246

  40. Kathleen Albano says

    Can’t access Binance account

    My account with Binance refused a Fiat transfer in – Deposit, from a Crypto – friendly bank ! Only message was that my Account couldn’t be accessed. No contact facility to be able to speak – communicate with Binance ! The company don’t want interaction with their customers

  41. Joseph Peter Drennan says

    I can’t receive my binance verification code in my email to withdraw money

    This has been a while for me to complain about this issue over and over ths on December 8th I tried to withdraw money from my account Binance.US to Hyperverse .I cannot receive the verification through my email I keep sending message over and over and the money is stuck on Bonnie’s please I want somebody to help with this issue for me. I was thinking that maybe I can change my email I sent all the needed things they need to change the email but still they haven’t done that for me. it’s really frustration so if somebody can help thanks

  42. Julie Tuomala says

    To complete my binance account verification

    I am dissatisfied with the unfairness and bias treatment given during the verification process on the person outside of Canada. Binance is a world platform, additionally the number currency exchange therefore verification should not be a one size fit all process. Or a one type document acceptance policy. For there are more than three national IDs in any given continental country/island than can be use to verify a persons Identity. With a careful sophisticated process this can be achieved regardless of where your are from/located. Apart from this the platform is relatively good from my research.

  43. Alisa Cook says

    Identity Verification failed

    E-Mail from Binance: Dont forget to verify your Binance account! Sorry, it isnt possible to verify my personal account. The message I get trough out about 7 days is “Your identity verification has been rejected. Please try again. I tried it again and again, but theres no success. An other Popup Icon shows – only for a few seconds: Insufficient Asset

  44. Mike Hebert says

    Binance – Crypto loss without any trade

    I bought LRC crypto worth 46 USDT on 27-11-2021 and now when i logged in today i.e. 28-12-2021 i didn’t have it in my spot wallet. Please look into this matter and do the needful ASAP. Thank you.

  45. Sheila Joaquim says

    Binance – No one is helping me fix this issue

    I have opened an account with my old address. When I sent my drivers license, social security number and water and electricity bill with my new address, Binance would not verify it. Since then, they e reset my account but it will not allow me to register with my new address. It keeps saying theres an issue and to retry. Ive done so many times already and sent in proof of address numerous time and no one can help me. In the meantime I cant even withdraw the money I have sitting in my account. This is unacceptable. How can I get my money out now ?

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