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BitcoinDark (BTCD) is a cryptocurrency that tries to overcome the confusion in the current financial community. It is a project designed to make the virtual currency a central, open and anonymous payment facility with no flaws inherent to Bitcoin and a number of other popular coins. The currency is characterized by a large community, which is actively involved in the work to improve the project. Wikipedia

Features of BitcoinDark ;

  • Secure
  • Private
  • Reliable
  • Liquid

How do you contact BitcoinDark (BTCD) directly? is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related. We however are not the Bitcoin network itself, and cannot assist with questions unrelated to the suite of tools and services. If you need help with general Bitcoin network questions and issues, please visit our forum and ask questions there for a free and open discussion about Bitcoin with others in the Bitcoin community.

Before contacting, please confirm that you understand is not the official website for Bitcoin. provides a suite of tools and services on top of the Bitcoin network but is not Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin is not a company, just like how the internet is not a company.

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Some common issues of BitcoinDark;

  • Hacking a payment gateway.
  • User address error.
  • Loss of a wallet file.
  • Unable to receive a BitcoinDark.
  • Account hacking issue.
  • Unable to deposit and withdraw USD.
  • Wallet balance doesn’t show.
  • Unable to mine BitcoinDark.
  • Unable to send BitcoinDark from my account.
  • Trouble signing in on
  • Unable to sell and buy BitcoinDark.
  • My password does not work.
  • Trouble connecting with the server.
  • Unable to cash BitcoinDark.
  • Two-factor authentication failed.
  • Connectivity Issues.
  • Unable to open the BitcoinDark wallet.

Pros and Cons of BitcoinDark ;


  • Anonymous transfer of funds by cloning
  • Encrypts communication sent across the network and masks the other user’s IP address


  • Developers moved to Komodo coin
  • Over 80 % of the BTCD supply has been swapped for KMD

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