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Coinfloor is a London-based bitcoin exchange established in early 2013.

Coinfloor has launched the first exchange-backed Peer-to-Peer marketplace for bitcoin, “Coinfloor Market”, which connects vetted brokers with investors and consumers looking to buy bitcoins. Buyers are able to send funds directly to a broker using a local UK bank transfer. Coinfloor is also the first exchange to employ a sophisticated algorithmic rounding engine for fee calculation.[1] By allowing direct conversion between bitcoins and the British Pound (Sterling), the exchange aims to reduce the inconvenience of a two-step conversion that people holding Sterling used to have to go through.

Features of Coinfloor

  • Low initial deposit
  • Leverage
  • Liquidity
  • Bank transfers

Some common issues of Coinfloor, We fix-

  • 2-factor authentication failed.
  • Unable to receive money.
  • Unable to buy Bitcoin.
  • Unable to sell or “cash out” my digital currency.
  • Unable to send digital currency to another wallet.
  • Unable to receive digital currency from another wallet.
  • Bitcoin payments failures.
  • Unable to cancel my transaction.
  • Coinfloor Bitcoin Exchange account hacked problem.
  • Identity verification problem.
  • Unable to log in to my account.
  • 2-factor authentication failed.
  • Unable to receive money.
  • Postal Code Entry Issues.
  • The system won’t accept my phone number.

Pros and Cons of Coinfloor


  • Security is top class
  • Trading commission is zero


  • High minimum deposit level
  • Account registering problems
  • There is so much negative reviews about Coinfloor

Coinfloor doesn’t have a technical support number. You can search your problems or issues to their help forum and community sites.

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