Ariva (ARV)

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ARV has been produced for active use in global and local tourism and travel networks in the near future. Project is a worldwide B2C travel & tourism network where members can meet with global and local tourism service providers in the light of previous travelers’ experiences and shares, make bookings with Cryptocurrency and earn crypto money from both their reservations and valuable content sharing.

Ariva was produced to eliminate the expensive costs of international high-volume money transfers and the Swift transaction complexity in tourism and travel transactions, which are among one of the highest volume industries in the world economy. One of its main aims is eliminate the complexity and difficulty arising from the use of local currency in the destination country.

Features of Ariva

  • Rewards
  • Fast transaction

Advantages of Ariva

  • Share your experiences through photos, videos, and blogs with users all around the world and get ARV
  • Ariva.Club AI tries to filter all spam from the platform and allow users to reach only real human experiences.
  • If you are a part of the tourism industry, Ariva.Club is the best platform to introduce your business to all around the world!

Disadvantages of Ariva

  • It’s a new project so not much experienced team and roadmap
  • Not listed on many exchanges so availability is an issue


Ariva is a successful project and a brilliant concept that will smartly revolve the Travel and tourism industry. Ariva ($ARV) been one of the most used digital money in real life, will revolve real estate and tourism industry and ease way of life through the use of blockchain features. The $ARV is a powerful BEP20 token that will serve as a global and Local currency in diverse fields and enable users to have access to the platform product and services, serve as a means of rewards and high profit-making for every holder of the token. The platform will implement a Mobile wallet App that will serve a grand purpose for the investor from secure storage of tokens to fast and safe transactions. Ariva is really a cryptocurrency of now and future, meant to enhance your lifestyle by focusing on its acceptance fields in real life. 

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