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Avalanche (AVAX) is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that allows interoperability between third-party tokens. Essentially, Avalanche is a blockchain-based platform where issuers can transact their tokens and at a low cost. Thus, the AVAX network has greatly improved the DeFi environment with a permissionless system where users can create their customized blockchains, both private or public.

Features of AVAX

  • Scalable and Secure
  • Customization
  • High Performance
  • Modular
  • Low fees
  • Fast transfer

Advantages of AVAX

  • Follows a less energy-intensive variation of a proof of stake consensus protocol
  • Compatible with Ethereum tooling and interoperable with Ethereum dApps
  • Comes with a modular design that enables the building of lightweight blockchains and dApps
  • Scalable to millions of validators participating in the consensus with speeds of over 4500 transactions per second
  • High throughput and efficiency without risking decentralization.
  • Secure, powerful, and reliable applications and customizable private or public blockchains.

Disadvantages of AVAX

  • Not enough platforms launching on its blockchain network
  • Some transactions could delay if validators do not agree on their current status.
  • Can potentially be crippled by bugs in the smart contract


Avalanche is currently a leading platform in the DeFi industry, as it provides users with several options for their projects. The protocol is revolutionizing the DeFi spaces with the support for several assets with its consensus engine. Besides, the interoperable ecosystem of Avalanche allows a solid groundwork for developers looking to customize and

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