Internet Computer (ICP)

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Internet Computer is a decentralized, blockchain-driven protocol that allows creators and developers to launch applications and services that run on nodes distributed around the world, seemingly resistant to censorship and oversight from traditional web hosts and platforms.

The primary aim behind Internet Computer is to make web publishing easier and faster, without the influence of powerful technology companies which are highly centralized. Currently, there are several web-based applications and software which give users and creators little control over how they want to access it. 

Features of Internet Computer (ICP)

  • Instant loans
  • Incentives
  • Production of Cycles for Compute
  • Decentralized Framework
  • Listed on major exchanges
  • Strong development team

Advantages of Internet Computer (ICP)

  • ICP has a clear use case within the Internet Computer platform
  • It provides instant and collateral-free Flash Loans
  • It attracted backing from big venture capital funds
  • ICP has a strong team behind the protocol development
  • Internet Computer Protocol also possesses smart contracts
  •  ICP token may be deflationary in the long-term

Disadvantages of Internet Computer (ICP)

  • This platform is still relatively untested, and may need years of development work before it can be deployed securely at scale
  • ICP is also highly volatile
  • ICP haven’t attracted any real significant adoption so far.
  • Despite being listed on many crypto exchanges, still hard to find on some major exchanges


Due to the crypto boom of 2021, most novice investors are failing to take into account several important factors. Among others, the two significant factors to consider as to whether Internet Computer ICP is a good investment is a risk versus reward. The Internet Computer certainly has strong factors which make it a buy. The founder and his team have developed an innovative technological solution that can improve several aspects of the internet. 

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