Refereum (RFR)

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Refereum is a decentralized referral marketplace for games, a distribution and growth gaming platform that cuts intermediaries, leading to higher profits for developers and directly rewards influencers and gamers to promote and play games. Get Refereum Support instantly.

Features of Refereum

  • Good gaming platform
  • Decentralized marketplace

How do you contact  Refereum directly?

You can contact calibra via email & through support Channels.


Some common issues of Refereum, 

  • Unable to receive a Refereum.
  • Account hacking issue.
  • Unable to deposit and withdraw USD.
  • Wallet balance doesn’t show.
  • Connectivity Issues or “Connection Error”.
  • Unable to open the Refereum wallet.
  • Unable to mine Refereum.
  • Unable to send Refereum from my account.
  • Trouble signing in on
  • Hacking a payment gateway.
  • Unable to sell and buy Refereum.
  • Two-factor authentication failed.
  • My password does not work.
  • Trouble connecting with the server.
  • Unable to cash Refereum.
  • User address error.
  • Loss of a wallet file.

Pros and Cons of Refereum


  • There are very few competitors in this technology
  • The video games industry is very big
  • Good idea as there is need of such a platform


  • Little partnership interest from industries
  • No roadmap for adoption

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