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CryptoBridge is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange that runs on top of the BitShares platform. This crypto-to-crypto exchange allows users to buy and sell hundreds of popular coins and tokens, plus benefit from the peace of mind of using a decentralised platform that leaves the control of private keys in your hands at all times.

Features of CryptoBridge

  • Decentralized exchange
  • Wide variety of Cryptocurrencies
  • Wallet to store cryptocurrency
  • Private key control
  • Web and Desktop interface

Some common issues of CryptoBridge, we fix-

  • Unable to send digital currency to another wallet.
  • Unable to receive digital currency from another wallet.
  • Unable to receive money.
  • Unable to buy Bitcoin.
  • Unable to sell or “cash out” my digital currency.
  • Digital currency withdrawal delayed.
  • Currency operations not available.
  • Bitcoin payments failures.
  • Mobile number verification error in Mobile app.
  • Log in error in CryptoBridge Account.
  • BCN Withdrawal not working.
  • XRP withdrawal not working.
  • Unable to verify my identity when using the mobile app.
  • Unable to add a payment method when using the mobile app.
  • Unable to retrieve the CryptoBridge account password.
  • “Account temporarily disabled” Error.
  • Photo ID verification problem.
  • BTC withdrawal.
  • Transaction not found.

Pros and Cons of CryptoBridge


  • Trading fees are competitive
  • Huge selection of crypto coins
  • Processing speed is up to 100,000 transactions per second
  • Decentralized exchange
  • You can control your private keys
  • Zero deposit fees


  • There is no fiat currency support
  • Low trading volumes as compare to the other exchanges
  • Poor customer support service
  • No two factor authentication

CryptoBridge doesn’t have a technical support number. You can search your problems or issues to their help forum and community sites.


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    Добрый вечер! как снять биткоины которые заморожены после закрытия вашей биржи?

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