1. Thomas Muller says

    I need to access my edge wallet account

    Yes my edge wallet account was locked and I was trying to withdraw money from it and I was asked to send a selfie and some information I don’t understand exactly how I am to do this but I am the only one that has excess to my account and I would like to request that my account to be reactivated with the email that I have open the account with Thomas Muller 2245 at gmail.com

  2. Matthew Fullerton says

    edge Wallet Account suspended

    My edge Wallet account was suspended due to a miscommunication between my bank and them. I have fixed all issues and linked my new accounts. I have submitted multiple tickets to customer support with no response in months. I have thousands of dollars in their app that I cannot touch. Please help! I can provide any information they need. Thank. Matthew Fullerton 813.330.9212us.

  3. Mary Deborah Andre says

    Unable to access edge wallet account due to change in phone number

    For reasons too involved to explain here, the phone number I used for 2FA login is no longer available to me. I put in a support ticket late September and have provided them with documents for account verification. Have not been able to access my account for 3 weeks.

  4. Lily Burelli says

    I can’t withdraw my Usd assets

    I sold my positions on edge wallet; and I tried to withdraw my funds 3 times . But, nothing happened on their part.

  5. Kristina Kelly says

    Incorrect 2fa and reset password on edge wallet

    Tried to reset password and got an issue with incorrect 2FA. I have forgot my password and no idea to set it up.
    I need to contact edge wallet Support USA

  6. connor stewart says

    Funds not adding up on edge wallet

    I cant withdraw any money.I sold all my stocks and I was shorted a lot of money I cant call no one. And then in case of emergencies for financial crisis this is terrible something needs to be done about this as much money as this app makes Im sure you guys have enough to hire more people to compensate for the frustrated customers who are being ripped off thousands of dollars then you make them wait weeks on end

  7. michael stewart says

    edge wallet won’t give me my money

    I have tried for five months to get them to fix my account. They wont let me sell my crypto saying trading is disabled. I have sent many request tickets to no avail. I want my money exchanged back into USD, sent to me, and my account closed. They are ignoring me. How to Contact edge wallet Support number

  8. Russell Thomas says

    How to verifying my ID on edge wallet | Edge wallet verification

    ClappingI’m just trying to verify my last step of my ID verification so they put me through the last step to verify and it’s too long go through it’s saying something about my email address is wrong but it’s not so if you can contact me at my phone number 262-395 8794

  9. Richard Killian says

    Can’t access my edge wallet account and want to withdraw funds

    I can’t access my edge wallet account or withdraw money from it no one wants to help me trying to tell me there restrictions just let me take my money out and close this account to much hassle and going on here I will be making another complaint

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