1. Jack says

    Help Me Please, i need money for heart transplant, i am 80 years old.

    1. admin says

      Kindly Do Not Post Such Comments, this is a informative website.

  2. FrankMob says

    Good Day,
    Thankyou for updating so much information about kucoin exchange in your website, also thanks for the real time market cap list.


  3. Ingrid McKernan says

    I was depositing xrp to my Kucoin account and forgot memo tag I contact it KuCoin exchange Support and no replied they told me 24 hours if not to contact this way

  4. Denis LaBelle Jr says

    Locked out of my Kucoin account

    I tried to reset my password and it locked me out of my Kucoin account saying that I had the wrong password but I did not. I’m worried. I tried to add my email to my account last night and it froze My stuff and now I’m locked out and cannot get ahold of anyone. This provided me with the wrong phone number so now I’m even more worried that I was hacked. Please if I can get some help right now with this I would greatly appreciate it. Denis LaBelle Jr 413-770-2547 denislabelle44@aol.com

  5. Gerry Connolly says

    Kucoin Google Authenticator issue

    I lost access to my 2fa , and cannot withdraw my crypto. Please disable the 2fa at your end so I can withdraw my crypto

  6. Donna Jones says

    Kucoin Deposit never arrived

    I opened last friday an account at kucoin and I deposited near U$400,00 in Shiba Inus from my Trust Wallet and the money disappeared. Kucoin costumer support is a robot and they do not give a damn for the costumer

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