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Maker (MKR) is a cryptocurrency and a governance token. Cryptocurrency Maker (MKR) is a digital token created on the Ethereum platform of the project Maker, the main purpose of which is to create a line of decentralized digital assets that would be tied to the value of real instruments such as currency, gold, etc.

Features of Maker ;

  • Decentralized
  • Margin trading
  • MakerDAO wallet

How do you contact Maker directly?

What to say when you contact the developer

When you contact the developer, let them know:

  • The app you’re using. Examples include “Facebook,” “Clash of Clans,” or “Candy Crush.”
  • The issue you’re having. Such as “My in-app purchase didn’t come through,” or “the app isn’t working properly when I open it.”
  • The response you’d like. For example, mention whether you’d like help fixing the issue or would like a refund for your purchase.

What to expect when contacting an app developer

You should expect a courteous and professional response when you contact a developer about an issue. If your inquiry is about a problem with a purchase you made, you should expect a response within three business days.

After you contact the developer, you can leave a public review for the app on the Play Store. Include your experience of the developer’s support to provide feedback to the developer and inform other Play users.

Some common issues of Maker ;

  • User address error.
  • Connection Error.
  • Unable to send Maker from my account.
  • My password does not work.
  • Loss of a wallet file.
  • Unable to receive a Maker.
  • Trouble connecting with the server.
  • Trouble signing in on
  • Account hacking issue.
  • Unable to deposit and withdraw USD.
  • Wallet balance doesn’t show.
  • Unable to sell and buy Maker.
  • Unable to cash Maker.
  • Two-factor authentication failed.
  • Hacking a payment gateway.
  • Unable to mine Maker.
  • Unable to open the Maker wallet.

Pros and Cons of Maker ;


  • High liquidity
  • Stable coin
  • Backed by ETH


  • Limited potential return
  • New cryptocurrency, so possible threat of hacking

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