1. Verlanda Wright says

    Robinhood Account Restriction

    I need to find out why after an entire day of working with the Robinhood team in providing them the documents they requested my account is still restricted. I made a deposit and expected to utilize those funds and I cannot.

  2. dsds says

    How do I proceed withearnings refunds n closing account unless I can fund myself

    I would like to stay with you but I cannot have funds automatically taken out of my account I would rather fund account when I’m able to, on my terms. Also what about my doge coin can it be transferred to TDAmeritrade or do I get my full refund of account cost and earnings

  3. Verlanda Wright says

    Can’t login to my Robinhood account

    My phone number changed and I can’t access my Robinhood account. It wont let me change my phone number until I accept a code that is sending to my previous number

  4. Missy Rogers says

    Can’t get in touch with Robinhood Support. My husband changed his phone number and we cant get into Robinhood account. They keep send the code to the old number . Over 60 messages and we still dont have access to our money

  5. Matthew Fullerton says

    Robinhood Payment issues

    As a 66 year old senior citizen, who is née to Independent Stock purchasing, I signed up to purchase $100.00 of Ford stock

  6. Marina Correa says

    Unable to log into my Robinhood account

    I got a new phone and I tried logging in but it did not login to my account I emailed you guys saying the same things and apparently my email on the account has a misspelled Word in it so Im unable to log into my account because of this misspelled word in my email so if I am able to update or change that from your guys side that would be amazing because I have not been able to log on for a while now

  7. Michael Patrick Kelly says

    Locked out of Robinhood account

    Hello. I have an Robinhood account but am locked out. I need to change my phone number to get the code, but when I try to do that it wants my email and phone number, and then says its not valid. I dont know my old phone number. Also, I have no way to request a phone call for help because I cant log in to my account-terrible design.

  8. devan says

    Robinhood Account disbaled

    Hi i created a robinhood account a few months ago and i dont have access to that gmail anymore so i created a new gmail in hopes that i could just make a new account which you will see on your side my new one is devan@***.com and would like to delete the old one but cant due to the fact i cant fix the password because i dont have the gmail i believe the old one is dnfoley486@***.com or something like that but if you could delete that one and enable the devan@***.com one that would be great thanks!

  9. Tina Kelly says

    Issues with withdrawal on robinhood account

    I cashed out and can’t transfer, said my robinhood account is restricted. I want to take my money out. Im not sure what I have to do to get my money

  10. michael stewart says

    How to update my New phone number on my robinhood account

    Have submitted 12 emails to update my phone number I got married change my name I now have no access to my account because they never updated my phone number either and all they keep sending me is a survey I cannot get them to update my phone number so I cannot access my account

  11. joshua evans says

    Robinhood Account hacked and money gone

    Can’t reach anyone in Robinhood Support. Received texts that all my shares were sold and when I try and log in it says I don’t exist. Nothing deposited in my bank. All $ gone..impossible to contact anyone

  12. Miguel willam says

    Robinhood – I requested a money transfer by mistake

    I guess I made a mistake of instead of transferring my money to my bank , I hit deposit funds, been the app the way it is I think is a very easy mistake to make, I don’t have a problem with that, my started when I try to reach them, if don’t have a computer I don’t know how to request a call from them and once I got to speak to a representative, she keep telling me that I had to cancel my request from the app, but the didnt show a can cancelation button, after trying hard to convince her she then told me that any transactions between 2 3 pm could not be reverse, so I decided to rush to my bank and take my money out leaving less than a hundred dollars, so that the transferring cancel it self because of lack of funds. Support is very poor and the way they don’t even try to fix your problem makes it more frustrating. All in all robinhood Support didn’t do anything because according to her there was nothing she could do and so I had to take my own measures by taking out my money before they did.

  13. connor Thomas says

    I cannot get verification codes. How to call Robinhood Support

    I have tried to get verification codes sent to my phone then they never come up? I believe you may have my number wrong and I cannot get into my account to update it?

  14. Darren Mulledy says

    Cancelation of my Robinhood account

    Want to cancel my Robinhood account since no one gets back to me about my new phone number not being able to retrieve my robbinhood account .I’m not happy and would like all my earnings I’ve invested into the account. Pls contact me 856 493 5874 Lincoln to resolve this and return any of my funds earnings on your app .

  15. Matthieu Marcelin says

    How to Contact Robinhood Support with live person

    Guys please i didn’t what a reversal but i lose money from my account i though i will see it on 2 next busniss day but nothing showing up on my account guys please can you resolve this for me ,that’s not gonna happen anymore,i bought something for 3500 but i should get my payment at work on friday,the money they pay me is on unexpectable please guys help.me out with this its really important for me i promise that’s not gonna happen anymore,my name is Matthieu Marcelin if you guys need more information about me please let me know.

  16. andrew cooper says

    Robinhood I lost my Robin Hood Account on 11/7/21 during RH *** I cannot find it! I cannot open another acct. To get help or try to find old acct. Texted and called support for help. A company doing so well would have 24/7 phone help. A company doing this well on the market would have live persons answering phones. Need help!

  17. Cillían Mc Donagh says

    Locked out of account. No idea why. Their phone number is a recording telling me to log in for help! Wtf!!! I wish I could log in , I wouldnt need help!!!!

    The signed me out and won’t let we sign back in. The app tells me there is a server error try again later. I’ve restarted my phone and reconnected to the wifi. I still don’t sign in. It just keep saying it’s a server error.

  18. Sheila Joaquim says

    Robinhood account hacked

    I never signed up for 2 step verification. When I tried logging in I can’t get in and they are sending a code to a number I no longer have. When I contacted robinhood Support to get access to change my number thru email they told me to send pic of my id doing hand gestures verifying it’s me. Then they asked for my social security number. Saying they can’t see the id. Then I start getting calls from an African on my whatsapp asking for more pics. Then the grammar was totally off no way it could have been Support. I just want to get into my account so I can delete all my info

  19. Alisa Cook says

    Want you to remove the restriction to purchase

    After all the verifications requested and Im still can’tpurchase. I have all the tickets the agents provided after submitted the documents. Now definitely need to talk to a Robinhood supervisor

  20. Andrea Korsos-Pari says

    Trying to get Robinhood account reopened

    I verified the information as requested and my account has not been activated. I don’t understand why I had to jump through hoops to reopen an account that was closed in good standing by myself.
    User’s recommendation: Not a smooth broker to deal with.

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