1. John Townsend says

    I can’t recommend this wallet. At first, everything was fine, then I didn’t manage to withdraw my funds. When I wrote to support, no one answered me. Thank God there was a small amount of money in my account. I’m not saying that this wallet is a scam because I know people who use it, but be careful, you can get into such a situation as I was!

  2. Carolyn Sharpe says

    Money was taken out of my Uphold wallet account

    There was $49 taken out of my Uphold wallet account that I didnt authorize you to do I dont know who told you to do but I want it back I didnt give you permission to take any money out of my Uphold wallet account I didnt give you any information of mine so again I want my DAMN money back I dont know how you got my information because I didnt give it to you so please give me my DAMN money back that was all I had and for you to take it was wrong

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