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Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet company for Ethereum and ERC20/ERC223 tokens. It provides provide a fully security audited system that makes it simple to store your cryptocurrency. Trust applications, designed for iOS and Android, provide the best possible experience and ease of use.

Features of Trust Wallet

  • Decentralized wallet
  • Does not collect personal data
  • Access to DApps
  • Fast buying
  • Easy exchange
  • Private and secure
  • Interest earning

Some common problems of Trust Wallet, We fix-

  • Trust wallet transaction error
  • Trust wallet pending transaction help
  • trust wallet not connecting to pancakeswap
  • trust wallet not connecting to uniswap
  • trust wallet not connecting to other walletconnect
  • WalletConnect Mobile Linking with Trust Wallet
  • Fund not showing/missing in trust wallet
  • crypto not showing in trust wallet
  • Trust wallet balance not updating
  • trust wallet recovery phrase not working
  • Lost Trust wallet Recovery Phrase or Private Key -Troubleshooting
  • Reset/Retrieve Trust Wallet Account Password
  • Change Trust wallet recovery phrase
  • Trust wallet password recovery
  • Trust wallet Hacked/stolen account Recovery
  • Trust wallet transaction declined
  • change Trust wallet email and phone number
  • Trust wallet verification not working
  • Trust wallet fund sent to wrong address Recovery
  • Trust wallet pending withdrawal help
  • Trust wallet fund transfer is Pending
  • Recover missing/Lost Trust wallet money/fund
  • Unable to delete Trust wallet account
  • forgot Trust wallet PIN recovery help
  • How to Create New Binance Account
  • Recover funds sent to wrong address from Trust wallet
  • trust wallet dapp not connect to metamask

Advantages of Trust Wallet

  • Trust wallet supports a wide range of crypto assets and tokens
  • Trust wallet has a clean and simple interface which is easy to use
  • It supports plenty of features like DApps, Web3 browser and inbuilt exchange
  • Available for both Android and Ios
  • You have a complete control of your private keys
  • Most important it’s free to use

Disadvantages of Trust Wallet

  • The biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a 2 Factor authentication in case you lost your private keys
  • It’s not as secure as other big exchanges


It’s hard not to like Trust Wallet and its faults are few. It’s easy to download and get started with and the user interface really does make it simple. Then there’s that huge range of supported assets: if you can’t store your coins then you’ve managed to get your hands on some pretty niche crypto. But there is security concern like no 2 Factor Authentication and if you lose your keys, you lose access to your wallet. In the end it all depends on a user awareness and actions whether it’s a safe wallet for them or not.

  1. Mike Hebert says

    How do i contact trust Wallet My account is locked

    I never even got to speak to anyone One phone number hung up on me and the other one said the mailbox is full and sent an SMS message but I never heard from anyone

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