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Ambient noises or unwanted sounds can be a real pain especially when your microphone is picking them up during, audio calls, video calls, Skype calls

Noises like keyboard clicks, ceiling fans, noisy pets and children, televisions, and other noises, can distract you from the conversation and compromise the quality of your call. To reduce the unwanted sounds coming from your microphone, you can try the following tips:

  • Check any nearby devices which might be causing interference
  • Switch off anything noisy like fridge, televisions, radios, etc.
  • If possible, speak directly into the microphone to prevent it from picking up other noises
  • Shut down any doors or windows that might let in unwanted noises
  • Isolate the mains electrical cables from the audio cables like your headphone wires. The electromagnetic force which surrounds mains cabling can cause interference when they run across audio cables.

And if you’re on headsets and headphone mics

  • Make sure your headphones are plugged correctly into the Computer-Headphones are plugged into the microphone jack but not into the audio input jack
  • Try plugging a headset or a dedicated microphone into your communication device
  • If your microphone is picking up unwanted noise from your speakers, consider using headphones to eliminate the echo
  • You also try a different power socket – Some electrical circuits produce louder noise than others.
  • If you’re listening through a laptop computer, unplug the power cable and switch to battery power for less audio interference
Noise Cancelling App

If nothing else works well, you may need Krisp  a noise-canceling software that removes all noises from microphones on both ends of your calls, making unwanted noise during calls a thing of the past.

For regular remote workers, professionals, online teachers, podcasters, call centers, and business enterprises, Krisp will likely become an indispensable part of your online communication repertoire, as it can mute any noisy part of your workplace, making sure that your microphone quality is as good as possible.

How Can I Use Krisp Software to Reduce Background Noise and Get Better Sound with My Microphone?

Once Krisp is installed, this AI-powered noise-canceling app lets you mute all outgoing background noise with the push of a single button. The good thing about this app is that it removes background noises on incoming calls, regardless of whether the other participant is using Krisp or not.

In order to create a soundproof barrier between you and whoever you’re calling, Krisp utilizes an artificially intelligent Deep Neural Network technology that can screen ambient noise by analyzing over 20k sounds from more than 50k speakers. 

For those concerned about their privacy, Krisp doesn’t monitor your calls or log data. It performs all audio processing locally to ensure your voice and audio don’t leave the device.

Krisp is compatible with over 800 communication apps including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Webex, Chime, Zoom just to mention a few. Additionally, the software works on nearly any device, including Cloud, Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Krisp: Pricing

The good news about Krisp is that it’s available on a Free Version which lets you reduce all microphone noises at $0/month for 120 minutes per week.

The Krisp Pro Plan provides UNLIMITED noise suppression for both speaker and microphone noise and has a yearly subscription of $60 per year or a monthly subscription of $10/month.

The Teams Plan allows you to mute mic noise for $5 /user/month and is billed yearly. There’s also the Enterprise Plan which is ideal for business enterprises and call centers.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Krisp to Mute Unwanted Sounds During Calls?

  • Krisp seamlessly integrates with all devices regardless of their quality level
  • It is easy to configure the app: Krisp as Microphone in your system settings & mute all the noise and room echo with one click
  • The app removes all background noise in calls in real-time
  • Krisp mutes noise bi-directionally – both from the microphone and the speaker
  • The Krisp noise-canceling app is used by many telecommuting professionals and big companies like Intel, Discord, and so forth

Wrapping up

Thanks for reading our guide on removing all noises from the mic during the call. We are hopeful that Krisp noise cancelation software will help you get a better sound with your microphone. 

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